Welcome to my design blog! Below, you will find examples of cards and logos I have created.
Anything you see here can be customized with your pictures, your text, and your colors.
If you would like something different, I would be happy to design something new for you.
Pricing can be found on the sidebar column. I can print your order for you for an additional charge.
Please email me to place an order, or to ask a question.

Christmas Cards

Flaky Dots

Colonial Green

Colonial Red

Christmas Dots

Brown Chic

Old Fashioned

Blue Swirls

Down to Earth

Classic Polka Dots Red

Classic Polka Dots Green

Christmas Stripes


Scrappy 1 Photo

Scrappy 2 Photo

Simple Green

Vintage Snowflakes

Gift Wrapped Red

Git Wrapped Blue



Erika said...

Hey there we are! I think you did a great job if I say so myself... so if we don't get around to taking a "christmas" picture for cards, yeah, i'm buying that one.

Andrea Hanks said...

Can I just tell you how great these designs look? I don't think people understand the talent you have! Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous. Remember which one i want to buy, hopefully it is not one of your most requested ones. Ha ha! Keep up the fab. designs, and we really should still have the Y/U party, are you up for it still???? GO UTES.

Anonymous said...

Hey Marianne,

Is there still time to get on the Special deal you and Andrea are offering fro Christmas? Please let me know. I will try and call one of you later today. BTW, amazing job on the designs!